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For you - Karkat x fem reader (pet/slavestuck)
//please read the starter for this if you haven't already to understand whats going on!
"Your name is karkat?"
The troll nodded slowly, still looking round like a deer in headlights. You held both hands out now.
"I'm (y/n), and I promise you that I won't hurt you, i'm going to help you alright?" you said gently, getting a cautious nod from him.
"how old are you?" you asked as you stood up, taking his hand gently into yours. He looked shocked that you were being so kind to him
"3 sweeps" he replied, his voice a little raspy. Hmm...that was around 6 - 7 years right?? something like that. But for that age he did not look it. He was so thin! You could see his ribs poke out and his spine was sticking out unhealthily.
You led him through your apartment and into the bathroom. He instantly froze up once seeing the bath tub and began freaking out when you closed the door.
"no!" he yelled out, his palms smacking on the door as hard as he could which wasn't very much , he was so frail. You looked
:iconastridgemstone:AstridGemstone 193 24
Eridan x Reader~ A Day at The Beach (Request)
~(Name)’s POV~
I smiled as I poured my freshly blended smoothie into a plastic (f/c) tumbler and subconsciously licked my lips. This is exactly what I needed. It was currently boiling hot outside, and as wonderful as swimming sounded right now, I really wasn’t willing to end up at some overcrowded public pool.
I took a long drink of my (favorite/flavor) smoothie and let out a sigh of relief. It was so cold, it felt nice sliding down my overheated throat. I started pulling my hair up into a messy ponytail to let air reach my neck when I heard my doorbell ring. Who would be crazy enough to go outside in this heat?
“Hold on a second!” I called to whoever was behind the door while I set my smoothie down and lightly jogged to the door. I unlocked the door to reveal a very annoyed, and a very shirtless Eridan.
“Finally! Wwhat the glub took you so long landdwweller?”
“Sorry! I was making a smoothie, come in you must be melting!” I flus
:iconpsychicpineapple14:PsychicPineapple14 121 25
When plans were made for two astronomically different sessions to cross, both parties thought they had considered of every possible problem. Date and location were set, pictures exchanged, and even introductions were scripted. Nothing could possibly go wrong.
They did, however forget one thing: the language barrier.
As it turns out, Trollian conveniently (or, not so conveniently) translates each participant's contributions to the conversations, which constituted simple understanding. Trollian, however, does not apply to the real world. Thus,  John's peppy "Hi, Karkat!" was returned with a rather pissed "D'szg gs'v ufxp rh sv hzbr'mt?"
This simple miscommunication in the planning stages led to disaster when it came to living with one another. "Pass the salt" was purely gibberish to the poor trolls, while the very simple "Kz'hh gs'v hzog" lost all meaning to the humans. When this lingual difference was combined with the already over-complicated troll terms for things, everythin
:iconchocolatstruhberrys:ChocolatStruhBerrys 32 12
The Power of Irony by Biigurutwin The Power of Irony :iconbiigurutwin:Biigurutwin 422 46
Kankri x reader- Intergalactic Exchange
You are a part of the intergalactic exchange program of 3,013. You are from Earth, and will be visiting a place called Alternia. Your host family will be the Vantas’ and you will stay with them for a little more than two earth years, which constitutes as a single solar year for this planet. You will be learning not only the culture, but the history as well, and will be expected to pass an exam on this in order to graduate from Earth high school on time. Through the power of warp travel, the journey will only take a few moments, and you are grateful for this. The cultures developed so differently, because travel before warp was simply in cryogenics, and took two and a half decades. You’d be an old maid by the time you got home with your new knowledge.
You pack a single bag, and get onto the space train. The car where you are sitting has three other kids, one a girl with soft blonde hair, and two twin boys, with black hair and cold frowns. They will be placed in other exchang
:iconkarkat-fuckin-vantas:KARKAT-FUCKIN-VANTAS 297 143
TLC - Motherly!Reader X Sick!Sollux
You'd been minding your own business finishing your Advanced Lit homework when Mituna sent you a text. He'd asked you how humans got rid of sickness. You'd asked him to elaborate because there were literally hundreds upon hundreds of different illnesses on Earth. So he'd rephrased and asked how humans got rid of the 'Common Cold'. You started to worry because you'd learned from Aranea that trolls didn't have 'colds' on Alternia or Beforus. So you fired a text back asking if he was sick. He replied that no it wasn't him that was sick. It was Sollux. You frowned at your phone's screen and bit your lip before replying that you'd come over with some stuff to help the little guy feel better. Mituna thanked you for your help because to be honest neither he nor Psii knew what to do.
You closed your phone before getting up and grabbing some things you'd need before you left. Like your purse, wallet, and keys. You'd need to st
:iconmistressofthevoid:MistressOfTheVoid 227 50
Massages and scented oils- Grape (Gamzee x Reader)
“Hey Gamzee, come in!” You greeted, moving out of the way so the lazily smiling troll could enter.
“Hey sis, what was all up and making you wanna invite this motherfucker over?” Grinning sheepishly at him as he looked at you, a semi questioning look in his half lidded eyes, you had to come clean.
You just couldn’t lie to that face.
“Well Gam, uhh…” How do you phrase this exactly?
“You’re starting to all up and sound like Tavbro, (Name) sis, what’s got your think pan all jumbled?” Seeing the faint concern starting to appear on his usually carefree face, you quickly assured him that nothing was wrong, grinning widely as you gathered your courage.
“So…I was wondering if you’d like…well, if I could give you a massage.” You finally asked, motioning for him to follow you to your living room, being careful to keep his attention so he didn’t get distracted by some of the fore
:iconsakura-days:sakura-days 263 26
Homestuck X Reader - The Auction - Codes

'oh man. Oh man. Oh man. Who's gonna pick me? I really hope it isn't someone weird! Or him! Especially him! Wait, why worry about him? He isn't here. I don't see him. Y-Yeah. H-He's probably too busy with his codes.'

"SOLD~! To Mr. Vantas, for $500 dollars!"
'V-Vantas! Oh no!' Looks like you're out of luck reader-chan, your crush is the one who picked you. And for 500 bucks at that. Wow.
"500 more dollars and we'll save the art shop~! Come on, what can we get for the other two?!"
You stepped off the stage, holding your hands to your chest as you stood trying to collect your thoughts. 'W-Why did he pick me? W-What is he even doing here? He barely ever asks for help, let alone pay for it. And with 500 dollars at that! Oh, what is he going to have me do?'
"SOLD~! Looks like our little Fox is taking a trip with Mr. Pyrope!" You looked up to see Foxy jumping in place before tackling the blind Libra troll.
"Yay! Yay! Terezo,
:iconshilohshadowtail:ShilohShadowtail 194 60
Kankri x Reader: Stress Ball
“What on Beforus is that!?”
“It’s a stress ball, no need to freak. Here, squish it.”
“Wh- _____, it is very triggering to force upon me such an object without explaining to me what it is! And on top of that, ‘stupid’ is quite a rude word, which I don’t think describes me in the slightest as I happen to have quite a fair amount of knowledge in me! And also, while I am not against ‘squishing’ it in any way, I wouldn't have to squish it if I didn't want to, as that would be forcibly pushing someone into a situation they didn't want to be in and could be highly triggering! Now before we go on-”
“Kankri, really. I’m sorry if I triggered you in any way, but could you just try it? You seem to be really stressed.”
“What makes you think that?” He asked. You were going to make a snarky remark about his lectures and triggers, but the adorably confused look he had on while observing the stress bal
:iconquinntheconqueror:QuinntheConqueror 367 134
Avengers by Mibu-no-ookami Avengers :iconmibu-no-ookami:Mibu-no-ookami 1,890 243 The Avengers by Dulcamarra The Avengers :icondulcamarra:Dulcamarra 4,467 625 Avengers by JPRart Avengers :iconjprart:JPRart 5,462 369
Reader x Hetalia - The Miracle of the 11:11 Wish!
Reader x Hetalia –
The Miracle of the 11:11 Wish!  Intro
PLEASE READ!  This is an Intro!!  So there will hopefully be others to follow.  Ok, I’m always staying up late and I find myself making a wish at the 11:11pm mark.  Thinking to myself I had an idea for a probably big series with a lot of the hetalia characters.  I will be doing the characters I know well first before I get to the characters I don’t know too
well.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
It was currently 11pm and the full moon was high in the night sky, floating in the ocean of stars that spotted across the sky.  There were no clouds and the crickets played their songs without interuption.  There was a slight breeze every now and then that would brush by your (h/l) (h/c) hair as you looked out your open window.
It was just another boring night in you
:iconnightsevera:Nightsevera 1,131 449
Held Hostage (Finland x Reader)
    "I'm working at a shoe company, for all it's worth," your friend said.
    "At least you get to do something worthwhile," another friend says.  "I'm in the dishwashing committee at our restaurant."
    You and your friends laugh.  How many years has it been since you’ve last met and laughed with your friends?
    "How about you, (y/n)?" They ask.
    "Oh me?  I work at a bank." You reply.
    "What bank?"
    "The (you name it) bank."
    Your friends' eyes widen.  "You got in such a widely-known company?"
    You nod proudly. 
    "Well, good for you.  At least now we know who to go to when we have financial problems."
    "I wouldn't count on it," you said.  “I’m having that problem myself.”
:iconviolethaze07:violethaze07 286 57
Give Me That Girl. [NorwayxReader]
            Give Me That Girl
            [Norway x Reader]
A heavy sigh came from a quiet nation who was sitting between Finland and Norway. Her [e/c] eyes glimmered in irritation, the jittery tapping of her foot was getting faster, and her patience was running thin. Which was strange, seeing as how [y/n] was a very patient person. This Summit Meeting was being held in Germany, and surprisingly, the stick-in-the-mud male had lost control of the meeting. All hell was breaking loose.
That is, until a group of people began pondering on a subject that got everyone to shut up instantly.
"No, I don't think Romano could act sexy." Prussia stated loudly, trying to get his French friend to hear him over the commotion. Luckily, after that loud declaration, all went quiet. Romano's face heated up so badly that it put every one of Antonio's tomatoes to shame.
The Spaniard chuckled. "Oh, lo siento mi amigo, pero you haven't seen Ro
:iconmaybelle-maple:Maybelle-Maple 1,146 392
Chubby! Japan x Reader
Chapter One 
    I sit awkwardly by myself in the foreign Krispy Kreme. I can’t read anything here...I can’t understand what anyone is saying. It’s just...awkward. So why am I here? Oh right, my friend has been living here for the past three years and fell in love. She’s getting married in a few weeks and asked me to be here as one of her bridesmaids. I, not thinking anything through like I always do, said yes and hopped on a plane over here to Japan as soon as I could. I had totally forgotten the fact that I can’t speak a bit of Japanese.
    “You look so awkward,” my friend tells me as she sets some hot coffee on the table in front of me. She sits down across the tiny table from me as well and just smiles. “It’s so good to see you. How was your flight? Is your hotel nice?”
    “The plane ride was long,” I tell her as I take a sip of the coffe
:iconthanatos-mors:Thanatos-Mors 62 9


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